Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Those three little words…

Some of you may know that Tim and I met through the internet. Specifically we met through a chat room. I can remember the first time he said those three little words to me… I love you… and the way it made me feel like a teenager again. Isn’t it funny how three little words can mess you up inside? My stomach hurt, my head spun, I wanted to cry, all over three little words.

Tim wasn’t the first person to say those words to me (and he wasn’t the first one in the chat room to say them either) but when he said them I felt it. I felt it through the internet connection. Some people may think that’s crazy. Some people may even think it wasn’t too smart. I, personally, am glad I took that chance.

Because I had ‘read’ those words from other people in there, I didn’t put a lot of confidence in their sincerity. With Tim it was different. I knew he was sincere. With the others I knew, basically right away, that they weren’t true. I’ve always been pretty good at seeing through bull. I’m lucky like that. Not everyone is though.

A 56 year old Australian woman learned her lesson the hard way. She was chatting with what she thought was a 57 year old man in Nigeria. She believed him when he told her he loved her. She bought every word he said including that he was in need of medical treatment. She bought that literally by paying for the treatment. He bought two plots of land and a car with the money she sent.

In reality the 57 year old white man was a Nigerian undergraduate. He received 19 years in prison for duping the caring woman out of $47,000. She will receive $10,000 immediately and then $250 a month until all the money is repaid. She will also receive the money made from the sale of the two plots of land and the car.

Every time I read a story like this I think of two things. One, all the emails I receive that start off Dearest One… And two, how lucky I am to be able to read people well. With all the dishonest people on the internet and as much time as I spend here, I could be in real trouble. I’m glad the man was caught and the lady will get her money back. It’s heartbreaking for me to think of how many con artists are out there and how many victims.


Wendy said...

It's funny, because some time ago when I read your "love story" -- I knew it was turning out well but as I was reading it I was thinking you were crazy and brave all at the same time. :D

I'm really happy for you and so glad it turned out well. There are so many predators out there and the Internet is just the kind of environment that a smart, menacing person can use to really take advantage of people. It's a shame since it's also the eighth wonder of the world!

I enjoy your thoughtful, newsy posts, Kathy.

morrow said...

I agree that reading people is such an important skill and some are not good at it. And it is strange that you can still get a feel for someone through the internet. It really shows how important intuition is, emotional intelligence, and the power of words. What you write tells a lot about you. I am glad your love story turned out so well. I am not surprised - you seem like a pretty smart women.

I feel bad for that poor women. I think though common sense comes into it as well. I ignore those emails that start with Dearest one, & I would not send money to someone I had never seen. (I have done though some stupid things myself!)

It is not her fault. It is his. But you need common sense and caution sometimes.

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