Thursday, March 12, 2009

Joaquin getting weirder and weirder

Has Joaquin Phoenix lost his mind?

If you don’t know, Joaquin Phoenix has quit acting and gone into the hip-hop business. After performing in Walk the Line, a film about the life and times of Johnny Cash, Joaquin says he was inspired to be a singer. But not a country singer as he portrayed; a rap/hip-hop performer.

His appearances in the public eye have become more and more bizarre. His David Letterman appearance was beyond odd even for that show. We’re all used to seeing odd people on David Letterman’s Late Show but this was a little more than normal.

Then this past Wednesday night/early Thursday morning during his performance at Miami’s Fontainebleau Beach hotel he was beyond bizarre.

Hundreds of people crowded into the club at the hotel to see Phoenix perform. They waited nearly 4 hours before he walked out on stage at 2:00 a.m., smoking a cigarette. He was rapping when an audience member began heckling him at which point he leaped off the stage shouting “We have a **** in the audience” (I would tell you what he actually said but the Yahoo story is edited…I can imagine the actual words though, how about you?) Security guards immediately jumped into the crowd, breaking up the fight and dragging Phoenix away.

Isn’t that crazy?! I just don’t understand what is going on with him. I used to be so impressed with him and now I just don’t get him. At all. I want my old Joaquin Phoenix back.


maryt/theteach said...

Oh Kathy, now I have to look at all the videos of Joaquin because I've always liked him so much... I'll be at your blog forever... (not a bad thing, right!) BTW I link to you in my limerick post telling about everybody's last lines and limericks. :)

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