Thursday, March 5, 2009

A news trio

I have three things that I want to talk with you about today and instead of writing three different posts, I decided to group them all together.

1. Former first lady Barbara Bush had heart surgery at The Methodist Hospital here in Houston yesterday. Last week she experienced a shortness of breath and went to her doctor. They discovered that her aortic valve had begun to harden and scheduled the surgery. As a true testament to her strength, a family spokesman said that she was talking from her intensive care bed just hours after the surgery. She should be released from the hospital in 7 - 10 days. Mrs. Bush also suffers from Grave’s Disease (as do I) which can cause heart issues. I pray she has a speedy recovery with no complications. She's 83.

2. Charla Nash, the woman who was brutally attacked on February 16th by her friend’s chimpanzee in Connecticut, is still in critical condition. She’s lost her hands, nose, lips and eyelids and doctors don’t know if she’ll recover. Her brother said that she’s always been tough (on CBS’s Morning Show) and that he has hopes of a full recovery. The family has set up a website (which you can visit by clicking here) to accept donations to help pay for her care. Bless her heart, I hope she makes it.

3. Finally I’d like to tell you about a man in New Hampshire. Police say a 69 year old man became irate after being put on hold by the Social Security Administration. He says he called to find out where his check was because he had not received it and was put on hold for over 30 minutes. When somebody did finally get on the line he told them he was going to go to the Social Security office in Keene New Hampshire and kill the first person he met. The office was closed and the man was arrested. If you ask me I’d tell you that was an extremely dumb move. I can understand his anger having sat on hold longer than I’d like but I can not understand his threat. I mean really, come on, you’re going to KILL someone over a little inconvenience? That’s just not a normal reaction to me. I think he may need some help.

Well, that’s all I have for you today. I hope everyone is having a nice Thursday morning so far. I’ll see you soon.


maryt/theteach said...

Kathy, I think if you're going to kill someone at the Social Seciruty Office you shouldn't tell them first! LOL! Just saying! I think that statue that is praying in my "Looking at the Sky on Friday" post is a female, maybe Mary, Mother of God. But I can't be sure! I'm glad you liked it though! :)

Aaydens Mommy said...

That old man is CRAZY! lol

Neen said...

I have a friend who's raised a wild animal (coyote) that I have
great respect and love for. He is NOT socialized and is only allowed around she and her boyfriend, both whom he accepts. She would NEVER assume that he would be friendly or accepting towards any other human...he's a WILD animal. She's gone to great expense and altered her whole life to protect him and to protect others FROM him. She allows him to be what he is. I was, as I always am, disgusted by someone who would "own" a chimp and treat them as though they were human. THEY ARE CHIMPS, GREAT APES, WILD...NOT human children. I loved many of the exotic animals I worked with and they responded to me, but I NEVER held any illusions that they LOVED me and was always cautious. What happened was horrible...and the stupid human who raised a chimp in her home as she did is completely at fault. Sorry, didn't mean to blog on your blog *L*

katdish said...

I'm praying for Mrs. Bush. That lady has spunk!

The chimp story infuriates me because when they interview the owner, she goes on and on about how much she loved that chimp, but seems to have little concern for her friend who is fighting for her life. I'm with Neen. Just because you put a hat and a shirt on a wild animal, that doesn't change their nature. They are wild animals.

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