Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Horrific killing spree in Alabama

Michael McLendon of Samson Alabama went on a killing spree yesterday. He left at least 9 people, including his mother and several other family members, dead before he took his own life at his former job.

He began his terror at his mother’s home which he burned down with her inside. He then drove 12 miles to the metal plant he used to work at in Geneva, killing people along his way.

After his mother, he killed five people on the front porch, four family members (including his grandparents) and a 74 year old neighbor. Two of the victims were the wife and 18 month old child of a Geneva County sheriff’s deputy who had come to the home for a visit.

During his drive to the metal plant he shot randomly out his window, killing 3 more people; a woman who was leaving the gas station, a man who was driving down the road and one man who was trying to run away from the horror. He was shot in the back. When McLendon arrived at the metal plant he opened fire on police then went inside and killed himself.

This is so upsetting to me (as I’m sure it is to everyone) that I’m finding it hard to even type. I don’t understand why people want to take innocent people’s lives because their life is messed up. If you have issues and don’t want to get help, why ruin more lives? It makes NO sense to me. If you want to be gone then be gone but don’t take the decision of whether you want to live or die away from others.

All of these deaths are heartbreaking to me but I think the one that hurts me the most is the baby. How can you kill a child? How can you look at a baby that’s only been here a year and a half, just starting out living life, and shoot them down? All I can do is cry for that baby, and that mother, and those grandparents. All of them.

This is a tragedy in every sense of the word.


morrow said...

I never understand stuff like this either. Human beings have a real dark side to them. Its sad.

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