Friday, March 20, 2009

The devil made me do it

You’ve heard that saying before, “The devil made me do it”, I’m sure. When I was growing up one of my girlfriends said it all the time. She was always doing things she wasn’t allowed to do and she always ended up getting caught. And that was always her answer… the devil made me do it.

I would laugh because I thought it was funny. The first time I heard her say it I didn’t laugh. I thought ‘oh boy, that can’t be good’ and waited on the reaction of her parents. They’d obviously heard it before because their reaction was a roll of the eyes and a humph while they were walking away shaking their head.

Because of my friend saying it often, I picked it up too and decided one day to try it out. I had the bright idea to go to Dairy Queen during our lunch break. It was right next to my high school and even though we weren’t allowed to leave campus, I did it anyway. And I got caught. I didn’t even make it to the Dairy Queen. I was halfway across the field when I heard “Miss Atchley” yelled in a not so happy voice. I turned around and saw our principal standing at the edge of the parking lot glaring at me. I knew I was in trouble.

I sat in the office, the nervousness building up in my stomach, for probably 20 minutes before my parents showed up. We went into the office and I sat there, not saying a word, while the principal told my parents what he had caught me doing and why we had a closed campus. It was dangerous for us to leave the school grounds. He was just trying to protect me.

I happened to glance at my father around the time the principal was finishing up his speech and when I saw the look on his face my brain shut down. I had no excuse except I really wanted a chocolate dip cone. He asked me what I was thinking and without thinking I blurted out THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT. Boy was that a mistake.

I got a pretty good spanking that night. My dad didn’t believe there was an age limit for spankings and even though I was a junior in high school he still burned my butt up pretty good. All because I blamed Satan for my bad decision. I won’t ever forget that spanking that’s for sure.

So this morning when I was looking through the headlines, one of them really jumped out at me. It said ‘Woman accused of church theft blames Satan’. I had to read it.

The 62 year old Washington woman stole $73,000 from the Arlington Free Methodist Church by forging her pastor’s signature on 80 checks. When detectives questioned her she said “Satan had a big part in the theft.” She also told them that she used the money to keep from losing her house.

I understand not wanting to lose your house but to steal from a church and then blame it on the devil just doesn’t work for me. My first problem is this: she worked at the church as an administrative assistant. She had a job. There are so many people out there right now that don’t have a job and are still trying to find honest ways to make money. I say she HAD a job; they fired her in February of 2008.

My second problem is that she worked for a church. They help people. I bet if she’d gone to her pastor and told him that she was having problems he would have at least tried to find a program that would help her.

Another problem I have with it (besides the obvious one of she stole from a church) is that the reason she says she took the money was to not lose her house. Mortgage companies will work with you. I know because when my first husband and I bought a house and then lost our jobs, Chase worked with us and allowed us to set up a repayment plan. All you have to do is talk to them. They even have programs for people that aren’t in the best financial shape.

Basically it all boils down to I just don’t buy it. The devil didn’t make her do anything. She had bad intentions in her mind and she followed through on them. I could tell you the story about my one and only time of stealing money (I was 12) and being caught but this post is running a little long. Maybe I’ll tell you another time. I will take the space to tell you that I definitely learned my lesson and that when I did it all that was in my mind was ‘I want that’. Oh, and that I made me do it.


Diane said...

Thanks so much for your note today! I do love Sherri to bits, so I'm going to leave Big Al alone now... yeah, that whole 'I want me some Big Al' thing? Well, the devil made me do it ;)

Aaydens Mommy said...

that is just ridiculous. I completely agree with what you said! some people, I swear.

Jess said...

Perhaps the devil didn't MAKE you do it, but I'm sure he helped to give you the idea, and therefore deserves part of the blame.

I too had a Dairy Queen near my high school. We were allowed off campus beginning sophomore year, but only to places we could walk to. My friends and I generally parked at Dairy Queen and then drove away from there. We never got caught, but the devil DID make us do it!

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