Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good morning

I'd like to thank the people who commented on yesterday's post. I understand that the war is a very controversial issue. I would like to add that I don't agree with everything David Letterman said but I do agree with some of it. When I said I agreed with 90% of his opinions, I meant in general, not just about that video.

My personal history:

I am an Air Force brat and proud of it. Both my parents were members of the Air Force. My father was in Vietnam and my mother continued her military career here in the States until she had me. I was born in 1967. Both of my grandfathers were military members and fought in several wars. I have many family members and friends that have fought for our country, proudly and bravely, and even some that have given their lives for us. I highly support and admire our troops and am proud to be an American.

With that said, I'd like to add that I do NOT understand this war we are in. I don't believe we should just pull out of it and leave Iraq to fend for themselves but I don't want to see our sons, daughters, parents and friends continue to die with no resolution. I don't have any answers (I wish I did) and it hurts my heart to see this continue.

Thank you again to the people that commented yesterday. You did give me more to think about and I'm very open to opinions other than my own. Have a great day everyone. Peace.


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