Friday, March 27, 2009

David Letterman VS Bill O'Reilly

This is why I love David Letterman. He's not afraid to say what he thinks. I happen to agree with about 90% of what he thinks in general so that helps my love of him. Have a great Friday everyone.


Helen said...

Actually, I agree with Bill O'Reilly. A mistake was made (by many people, not just George Bush), and now if we pull out, we are taking the risk that someone even worse than Sadam Hussein can come into power, and make Bin Laden look like the tooth fairy. I don't think we should just pick up and leave.

Annie K said...

I believe a lot of mistakes were made in Iraq, but I also believe that country (and the world) is better off without Saddam. And O'Reilly is right about Iran. The Iranians are being supplied by the Germans, French and Russians with weapons and who knows what else. Leaving Iraq in chaos doesn't seem like a viable option.

I do find it rather ironic that just today it was announced that David Letterman's president (because I am assuming that he voted for obam) is planning on sending over 4,000 troops into Afghanistan and Pakistan to fight Al Qaeda. I wonder if those who continue to oppose the war will also oppose this move by Obama. His campaign promise was to bring the troops home...

SILVER said...

i agree- it's not something so balck and white.. it's people's lives we are talking about here.

but i tend to agree with Bill O' Reilly ..even tho he doesn't look to have a good control of the time in the talk show for reasons obvious..

maryt/theteach said...

Wow, Kathy! I LOVE your new look! It's incredible! What a nice surprise and thanks for your good wishes for my ankle! :)

pammie said...

OHHHH WOW i really enjoyed that could FEEL the strain between them and IMHO i think i agree with both of them on several different points! yikes how complicated has everythinggotten? CRAZINESS!!!!!

good thing we have Obama now! i honestly think he will be making serious changes over the next few years! YAY!

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