Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'm so turning emo

I've been a pretty big American Idol fan since it began. Ok, honestly, I hated it the first year it was on but I've been a loyal and loving fan since the second season. This year hasn't been that great for me. For one, as most of you know, I really don't like Kara (the new judge) AT ALL. And the singers just didn't seem as into it this year as they have in the past, with one exception...

Adam Lambert. I swear I'm thinking about "turning emo" for this guy just to show what a big fan of his I am. (As a side note, can you see me with black and purple hair and big holes in my ears? Um, I may need to rethink this whole emo thing...)

Adam is already a superstar in my eyes. I know he'll be a rich and famous lead singer for some lucky band. I personally compare his voice to Freddy Mercury (the late lead singer of Queen). Adam is that good.

I wanted to show you a video of his Motown performance on last night's American Idol but copyright laws make that impossible. I did however find a video that someone made of him singing last night with a slideshow of pictures of him. That'll have to work I guess.

Just listen to his voice. You'll know I'm right. He's a star.


Ruth said...

We've watched Idol for about 3 years and really had fun with it. But this year, we tried to start, and we just couldn't stick with it! Maybe we need a break.

Wendy said...

I'm not enjoying this year that much either. It's the new format -- I really don't like it. I like the old guys vs. girls. You got to see them sing more often before they got eliminated. I think it helped them get a lot better before they got to the actual top 12.

Re: Adam... at first I didn't like him. He was SO dramatic. But he's really coming along!

Neen said...

I like Adam too! And yes...please...may we see you "emoed out" *L* You can borrow my skull shoes and leather jacket *L* (My Daughter in Law has an alternative band and I dress "middle aged cool" for her shows *S*)

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