Thursday, March 4, 2010

You're not supposed to eat that


Pretty isn't he? And sweet looking. Doesn't look like any trouble at all. Chewing happily on some bamboo. Bamboo is the food of choice for giant panda's you know. They rarely eat anything else. 

Well. They will eat honey. And eggs. And sometimes fish. And oranges and bananas if they can find them. But their main diet is bamboo. If they're really hungry they might eat some bones. 

A giant panda in China was found doing just that. Apparently he was starving and came down from the mountain to find food. He ended up at a pig farm and was found in the pig pen chewing on the bones that were left for the pigs. He didn't care for the meat. He spit that out.

I really feel very sorry for the panda that made the trip down the mountain. Giant pandas are on the endangered species list. There are believed to be around 1600 of them living in the mountains of southwest China. 

I think that there should be some sort of program to help feed them in their natural habitat. We feed everything/one else it seems like. Why can't we help them? 1600 is not very many when you think about the big picture. In China alone there are 1.3 BILLION people. Surely a few of them could help their national icon. 

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william said...

these animals are beautiful, and this post lets me know that u always think of everything and everyone, they do not deserve to starve, grr they should be protected, great post dear xx

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