Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A late recap

Not having a TV has me so messed up as far as my favorite shows are concerned. I finally realized that I could watch both Survivor and The Amazing Race two days after they had aired. Ugh. At least I wasn't too disappointed.

Survivor rocked my socks off! There were TWO tribal councils which sent two survivors home; one villain and one hero. The winner of the reward challenge (The Villains--yeah buddy!) watched the second tribal council while eating hot dogs and drinking Coke. I couldn't do it...eat in front of people I knew hadn't had any food. Well, maybe I could...

The shocker to me was the Heroes choosing to keep Colby over James. I mean come on, even with a bum knee James is a powerhorse! How could you keep someone who has given up over someone who fights through pain??? It makes no sense to me. I guess we'll see how they do without their strongest player on Thursday.

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The best move of the game so far was Russell conning Tyson into changing his vote and staying in the game because of it! I hated to see Tyson go home but Russell is the best at saving himself! He got Tyson to change his vote to Parvati knowing that would give the Boston Rob team enough to send her home then gave his immunity idol to her and kept her and himself in the game while sending Tyson home. It was classic.



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I love Russell.

On Amazing Race I was sad to see Jeff and Jordan go home but not super shocked. They weren't the brightest crayons in the box. I still love them!

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I then decided to root for the cowboys, Jet and Cord, who then decided to mess up several times and come in last place (of course...I said I was rooting for them after all). It turned out ok though. It was a non-elimination round. Whew. 

Hey, does anyone else see the resemblance in Cord McCoy and Sean Penn or is it just me?

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Adoption of Jane said...

Russell Rocks!!! He was robbed last Season!

Doris Sturm said...

I don't watch TV anymore and I'm so out of the loop. I don't like reality shows, but I do see the resemblence with Shawn Penn.
Have a wonderful day, Kathy dearest ;-)

william said...

urgh NO TV, lol Kath I would be climbing the walls lol...

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