Thursday, March 25, 2010

Get you some books....or maybe a marmoset...

I received this email the other day and thought it was just awesome! What could be better than books at a great deal? Humor to suck me in! I clicked the marmoset just in case you're wondering. I'm adventurous like that :)

By the way, I was a good girl and emailed Better World Books to make sure it was ok for me to post this. They were nice and said yes. Now I'll have to go buy some books...

One last thing --and it's important-- buying books from Better World Books funds literacy programs all over the world because they rock that way!

According to our email stats, you guys are fond of the Bargain Bin.

Seriously - it doesn't matter what promotion is in the email, how small we write it, or how far down the email message it shows up.  It could be a tiny text link at the very bottom of a superhuge sale, and you guys have proven time and time again that you want to click on the place where 5 used books are $15.

Heck, it could be a pygmy marmoset with laser eyes, and you folks would still click on the Bargain Bin link.  Okay, you love the Bargain Bin!  We get it.

In fact, we're going to try something.  Just to prove our hypothesis, we're going to show you both:  A laser marmoset, and a link to the Bargain Bin. Since there's almost no way you're reading this (already clicking on the Bargain Bin, no doubt), it's probably a valid test.

So go ahead, just click naturally:
Laser Marmoset Bargain Bin - 5 used 
books for $15

Are you still here? Why? Get clicking already!

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Dan said...

I really wanted a marmoset with laser eyes. Might give the prairie dogs a run for the farm.

william said...

na keep the books lol I want the marmoset :)

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