Saturday, March 6, 2010

I miss my TV


Very badly.

Want to know why? K, I'll tell you. It's because American Idol is NOT COOL! There is no place online, not even on THEIR website, that you can watch what you missed on TV. Not one. You can watch each individual singer perform but I'm sorry, that sucks. I want to see the actual show. 

Why won't they show us the full episode like my other favorites do? I can watch Amazing Race online. I can watch Survivor online. Not A.I. though. Nope. They're not cool.

So I guess I'm done with them before Simon is done. I wasn't planning on watching after Simon left anyway but not before then. Now that they've deprived me of watching the show online however, I've decided to quit them early.

Now onto the cool shows.

I am really starting to like the cowboys on The Amazing Race

They're growing on me. They've come in first on the last two legs and they're really pretty cool. I love how they say "Oh my gravy". I'm thinking about starting to say that myself!

Don't worry, I haven't thrown over my Big Brother team Jeff and Jordon for them. 

They are playing well but not as well as I thought they would. They even messed up so bad on one of the tests that Jeff told Jordan they should never reproduce. That made me sad and Jordan looked sad but he was smiling later while he was talking about how dumb they were. I imagine it is a stressful game and I'm sure I'd say lots of not so nice things if I messed up.

Onto Survivor. I've decided I'm a villain. I wasn't sure there for a while and even though I absolutely love several of the heroes (Rupert, JT and James), I can't stand the rest of them. I want them all to go home!

The villains however have all got my heart with the exception of Coach. 

He could leave and it wouldn't bother me a bit. He spouts Confucius quotes all day and cries all night. He says you must be weak to be strong. Pffft. Boston Rob said it best to me when he told Coach to suck it up and act like a man. No doubt. Rob is definitely a man.

Except now he's targeted my fav villain, Russell. Booooo! Of course, it is Russell's fault. 

They got a clue that there was a hidden immunity idol at their camp somewhere (both tribes had one hidden at their camps) and of course Russell HAD to go look for it even though Boston Rob made it clear that anyone looking for it would be next on the chopping block.

I have to defend Russell though. It's his nature to want to save his own hide. I knew he would look for it. I just wish he had been smarter and not gotten busted looking for it. The goober.

Tom DID find the hidden idol at his camp and used it. I'm not a big fan of Tom BUT he did make a smart move using the idol the way he used it and he got rid of a big schemer, Cirie. 

That made me happy.

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pammie said...

dont worry about Russell i think he will be there AFTER Rob gets sent home....possibly all the way to the end!

william said...

I agree with u dear, here in the UK most major tv companies have what we call i players, allowing u to catch up on missed telly, good point and thanks for the menu post xx

pammie said...

OBTW i actually LIKE coach now!

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