Friday, March 5, 2010

Sarah Palin: Stand up comedian?

Did you see Sarah Palin on the Tonight Show doing her stand-up routine? Here's a preview from E! online:


Do you actually want to see more? Ok, here's the full routine on the Jay Leno Show:


I really wasn't that impressed but I'm hard to please. The Tina Fey thing was funny though. What did you think?

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Everyday Goddess said...

First of all, is she wearing even more bumpits than usual?

Why doesn't she just fade into oblivion already.

pammie said...

im wondering what the hell she is really doing? trying to gain popularity so she can run for President?

william said...

lol arent all politicians comedians because they make us laugh with their ideals and goals, great post Kath xx

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