Saturday, March 13, 2010

Probably inappropriate but I can't help my sense of humor...

I watched Airplane last night and laughed like I'd never seen it (even though I've probably seen it 500 times). To me the whole movie is great but my favorite scenes are those with the "Jive Talkers".

Inappropriate, maybe. Hilarious, definitely. 

Want something else to laugh at? Click here :)

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katdish said...

How can anyone NOT love that movie? It's ridiculous and silly, but I'm like you - I laugh every single time! Thanks for the laugh this morning.

william said...

one of the most funiest folms ever, my other fav is planes, trains and automobiles, John Candy was my hero, sadly no longer with us :)

Ruth said...

Soooooo funny. I love it.

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