Friday, March 12, 2010

Pro-life means no killing right?

You know who Elton John is right? And you know that he's gay correct? Maybe you even know about his controversial statement where he said that "Jesus was gay". 

I'm sure that statement rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. As a matter of fact, it really bothered a prominent anti-abortion activist from Atlanta named Neal Horsley

It bothered him so much that he decided to protest outside of Elton John's condo, holding a sign saying that "Elton John Must Die". He also made a video titled "Why Elton John Must Die" and posted it to YouTube.

He was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats, criminal defamation and using the Internet to disseminate threats.

I have so many thoughts about this but the main one is this: If you disagree with something, why not just ignore it and go on with your life? It's not like Elton John hurt anything (except maybe what certain people think of him) by making that statement. I've heard celebrities say many things before. Just because a celebrity says it doesn't make it gospel.

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maryt/theteach said...

Kathy, thanks for the limerick. Let's see if it wins! thanks for playing!

BTW there are fanatics everywhere!

william said...

Elton John often blabs out insignificant popple, he should be ignored as many from the UK do :)

Dan said...

Fanatics need no reason or provocation. There is a reason why religion is a belief, not a rational discourse.

TechnoBabe said...

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and if they are someone in the public spotlight their opinion is still just their opinion.

Madison said...

Ah, Elton John. Now there's a role model. And, a guy who reacts to Elton John, knows where he lives and has an enormous amount of time on his hands. Another fine specimen.

Robin said...

Im with you...why even bother..everyone can say and think what they really never aggravates me when people say and do things that I dont agree with..unless of course it hurts another..then we got something to talk about..I found you from W.. Hi There..illiams Blog promotions

Doris Sturm said...

I agree, but sadly, there are so many angry people around that it takes just one wrong thing someone says and they go off the deep end. That's why I don't like fanaticals.

I wonder if it's something in the environment that makes people so angry and hateful...

Take care and thanks for all your nice comments on my blog!

Doris :-)

phd in yogurtry said...

Elton isn't the first. I read Chris Moore's "Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal" where he remarks that Jesus was a 33 yr old unmarried Jewish man. I mean, think about it. p.s. congrats on your goddess award!

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