Sunday, January 10, 2010

Maybe they should get hazzard pay

It seems like people just can't get what they want from McDonald's anymore. I told you a while back about a woman that called 911 because her McDonald's was out of Chicken Mcnuggets.

Then on January 1st of this year, a Toledo woman got irate because she couldn't get her Mcnuggets either. She got so mad that she punched the drive-thru worker in the face, tried to pull the manager out of the drive-thru window and then punched and shattered the window before she drove off. She was, of course, arrested.

Then today I came across another story about McDonald's. A woman in Kansas City Missouri decided to tear up her local McDonald's because she didn't like her hamburger. She caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. Because she didn't like her hamburger. McDonald's employees offered to make her hamburger again but she refused. She wanted her money back (which I think they should have given her; what is it? 89 cents? At the most it's $3.00) but they wouldn't give it to her so instead she trashed the place. Police released a video (which I got off You Tube) of her rampage.

She must seriously like her hamburgers.


Ruth said...

Oh man! That is ridiculously scary. Need we say addiction?

But Dr. Chow is ridiculously funny! Thanks for the introduction.

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