Saturday, January 9, 2010

Should have invested in the turbo...

Or stayed in the hospital.

A man in Pennsylvania that had just been released from the hospital should have just stayed where it was safe. He either has the worst luck I can think of or, um, possibly he was hit in the head...

Let me fill you in and you tell me what you think.

He was in the hospital because he got into a domestic dispute and was hit with a frying pan and a table leg....ouch.

He went to Wal-Mart to get his prescriptions filled but didn't have the money for them so he called an ex-girlfriend who agreed to pay for them....ok, that was nice.

He didn't bother to change out of his hospital gown and went to Wal-Mart wearing the you feel a draft?

He decided he wanted the $50 worse than the medicine and snatched it out of the ex-girlfriends hand....hello? She was willing to pay $50 for your medicine, don't you think she would have loaned you a few bucks?

He decided the fastest way to escape was riding one of those Wal-Mart motorized shopping carts....yeah. Have you seen those things in action? I think their top speed is 5 mph. I chose to go through the store on crutches once (even though I was offered one of those carts) because it was faster.

Now he's in jail...

And doesn't have a lawyer....Way to go dude. I hope the few minutes you had the $50 in your hand was worth it.


maryt/theteach said...

Ha, Kathy! What was he thinking?? :)

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