Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Here's your sign

I couldn't sleep last night and, as you can see, I changed my layout....again. I like this one an awful lot though and think it will probably stay this way awhile!

While playing around with it, I had added some pictures to my sidebar. They were some "signs for women" that my mother sent me. I didn't really like the way they looked there but I did want to share them with you so that's what you are getting today...

Signs for Women


pammie said...

great stuff! i guess i should read mom's forwards! ACK! lol lol lol

pammie said...

BTW I absolutely ADORE the new layout!

CelticDragonfly said...

i like this layout kind of reminds me of the one you gave me :P

Dan said...

You forgot one type of meal - the cold cereal special. I can remember that my grandfather always had cornflakes for Sunday supper - no matter what the day had been filled with.

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