Sunday, January 3, 2010

You can't make me stay with them!

What did you do for New Year's Eve? Did you go to a party? Spend time with family? Get in a big argument with your wife and refuse to spend the night with her? Ask to be arrested so that you could get away from your family? That sounds crazy doesn't it. Well it's not that crazy. A man in Rome did just that.

He didn't want to spend the evening with his family so he went to the local police station and asked them to arrest him so that he could spend the night in jail instead. They refused to grant the man's wish because he hadn't committed a crime. So instead of just giving in and going home, the man went next door to a tobacco store, grabbed some candy and gum and then threatened the store owner with a box cutter. Then he just sat back and waited for the police to arrive and arrest him. It makes me wonder just what was happening at home...



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