Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Does this ever happen to you?

Sometimes I wonder just exactly what I've done to Blogger to make them hate me. Let me explain...

First, see that widget down there on the right hand side? Ok, I know there's more than one so I'll be specific. The one I'm referring to is NetworkedBlogs on Facebook. I actually have this blog, my other blog, Happy at Home, and my cookbook listed there but that's kind of beside the point.

The point is that Blogger doesn't send my updates to them half the time. Then when I force it to publish my latest posts, Blogger decides it's time to update them and I have double and sometimes triple posts of the same stuff. It's very irritating!

Of course I could be blaming Blogger unnecessarily. It may be Facebook that hates me. Even though I log into Facebook 20 million times a day. And I practically beg people to follow me there. I'm still blaming Blogger...

They apparently love Twitter though because those updates happen almost instantaneously. It seems like when I hit "Publish Post" here, they are on the screen there. It's pretty cool. Mentioning Twitter brings me to my next Blogger related complaint...

I found one of the blogs I follow on Twitter. It's a pretty cool blog, The Savage Legend. He started following my Twitter so I went to his Twitter page and decided I liked him and started following him. That led me to his blog and I decided I liked him even more so I started following him there too.

Here's the issue: I can't leave him any comments. If you know me, then you know I love leaving comments as much as I love receiving them. It's killing me.

I had an issue before with leaving comments on his blog and it turned out that he had comments disabled. He fixed that.

Then this morning I visited him. He had links listed and I tried to comment on those and let him know I'd visit them soon plus tell him that I really liked his new blog layout. I used that layout when I had this blog on Wordpress. It wouldn't let me tell him that. It kept telling me 'Service Unavailable'. Grr.

So I went to his next post about coffee. I love coffee Jonathan. I tried to tell you this but after I typed my comment and the word verification popped up, it was cut in half...hang on, I'll show you what I mean...


Maybe it's just your blog that doesn't like me.

I guess I shouldn't blame Blogger. It seems now that I've written this out that it's just Facebook and Jonathon's blog that hate me. I'm done complaining. :) I hope y'all have a great day.


Dan said...

I checked and it looks like the problem with The Savage Legend is that his template has set the viewport to a fixed size that needs to change and/or scroll when invoking the preview/post functions. I notice that the template is a wordpress one converted to blogger, so I always suspect the conversion. If I click in the viewport and then select all, when I paste the results elsewhere it shows everything that should have been.

If he changes the scrolling=no to yes in the comment callout or else changes the height callout in the comment-iframe callout, it should give things a fighting chance. {*grin*}

So see - it's not you that blogger is out to get - only bad programming.

Verdict: it's the design rather than blogger per se. Probably just needs a minor tweak from on the template.

♥ Kathy said...

Thanks Dan :) I appreciate you doing that for me!

maryt/theteach said...

Kathy, I don't know but whenever Facebook gets involved things get screwed up! I haven't been able to link a blog post to Facebook EVER! It comes up with the wrong picture or the wrong text (Facebook posts comments to the post not the text of the post itself!) Dan seems to know what he's talking about, Kathy. But it's Facebook that bugs me... and sometimes Blogger. Ha! :)

Carrie said...

I was going to say that that stinks but I have no clue how to help. Then Dan saved the day. Of course I have no clue what Dan means, but he seems to know whats going on. :)

Thanks for the comments.

PS...About the feet pics. If you look at my second to last toe on my left foot it is set back and shorter than my last. It's like my pinkie toe and that one got switched around. It doesn't look too bad in the pics, but its pretty "weird". Oh well...its just a toe, right!

The Savage Legend said...

Thanks for the input / advice I will definitely sit down and figure this problem out. I'm a novice blogger, and Dan's kind of advice is something I find myself "Googleing" on a daily basis.

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