Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Say it ain't so A.I.

Last night American Idol premiered and I missed it. I am so disappointed! I have a good excuse though, my granddaughters were here and they had me distracted. Around 10:30 I saw an ad on E! saying it was coming on tonight (last night) at 8 p.m. Grrr. It's ok though. I caught up with it online this morning and get a second shot at watching it tonight. I'm not so sure I want to watch it though...

Why not? Because it's ruined for me.

First Paula left. Now Simon is leaving too.

Yep, my third-in-my-own-mind-secret-fantasy-husband (I have 5 in-my-own-mind-secret-fantasy-husbands: #1 is Willie Nelson; #2 is Stephen King; #3 is Simon Cowell; #4 is Jeff Probst and #5 is Gordon Ramsey. I know. It's a sickness.) is leaving American Idol. Boo!!

He told reporters at the TV Critics Assocation winter press tour:

"There's been a lot of speculation [about my future], partly because we didn't have an agreement. We reached an agreement formally about half past 11 this morning. Where we have come to is that The X Factor will launch in America in 2011, with me judging the show and executive producing the show, and because of that, this will be my last season on American Idol this year."

Ugh. Well, then it's official, this is MY last year for American Idol too. Maybe I can start watching The X Factor. I sure don't want to watch A.I. if all I get it the awful Kara and the goofy Ellen. Thank you very much.

Speaking of Kara, I saw she was just as rude (if not ruder) last night as she was last year. Apparently she told 25-year-old Andrew Fenlon that he "needed a spanking". Um, yeah. That sounds about right for her. Here's a little bit of her "professional" ways:

Impressive isn't she. (That's sarcasm at it's thickest by the way.) Simon made me cheer in the end by saying "I'd have said yes. He's starting to grow on me." which totally irked Kara. Way to go Simon! That's the stuff I'm going to miss.

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pammie said...

i thought the guy did have an attitude first...

i missed it too dang it! gonna watch it tonight though for sure! i love you!

Ruth said...

Who's going to watch after Simon's gone?

William Manson © 2010 said...

we give you FULL permission to keep Simon lol, we do not want him, lol thanks for coming over dear and joining my site, very kind of you, another excellent post x

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