Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tragedy at monster truck show

I’m an empathetic person. I feel things deeply that don’t really affect my life in any way except that I found out about whatever it was. I just can’t help it. This story out of Tacoma Washington is a perfect example. It touched me deeply. I cried for the child and his family. It truly broke my heart.

I’ve been to monster truck shows. I even took my kids to a monster truck show once. It was a really good time if you could get past how LOUD the trucks were and the awful smell of all that exhaust in one place.

And I did see those enormous trucks break apart occasionally. If they hit a big dip, boom!, a chunk of something would roll off in the mud. I saw one flip six times across the dirt floor of the Expo Center and things were flying off of it like crazy. I never imagined those pieces hitting anyone though.

I’m sure I knew somewhere deep in my mind that it was a possibility. I just never let it surface enough to grasp it as a coherent thought. Then this morning I read the story that made those fears a reality.

In a matter of seconds a six year old lost his life. A piece of metal flew off a truck that was doing doughnuts during a freestyle competition portion of the truck show. It flew into the stands striking the 6 year old in the head. Horrified witnesses said one second the boy and his family were watching the show, the next second the boy was in his mothers arms with blood everywhere.

In a heartbreaking twist, the monster truck show did NOT end. Some spectators were unaware that anything had even happened. Others that were aware of the situation either watched in shock or grabbed their own families and left.

I’m including a link to the news video of this story. I’d like to warn you that it contains graphic spoken details and may not be appropriate for all people to watch.

My heart goes out to the family of this child. Most stories interest me. Few stories touch me the way this one did. I’m so sorry for their loss.


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