Sunday, January 25, 2009

Have you seen this goat?

For several days now I’ve been following a story out of Nigeria. It seems there was an attempted armed robbery and they’ve nabbed one of the suspects. He’s around 3 feet tall and probably weighs 65 pounds and is covered in fur. Yes, he’s a goat.

Nigerian police are holding the black and white farm animal on suspicion of attempted armed robbery. There was no mention of bale. Er, uh, I mean bail.

A group of vigilantes that I guess were wandering the streets came upon two men attempting to break into a Mazda. The men took off running, the vigilantes chased them. One of the men got away. The other one turned into a goat.

Yes, I said turned into a goat. Witchcraft is widely believed in in Nigeria and the vigilantes insist that they cornered one of the suspects and he magically transformed himself into a goat in order to escape being caught as a man.

The police did say that they can’t base their case on magic. But they do have the goat in custody. I’m interested in seeing how this case will end. Will the goat turn back into a man? Or will he be tried as a goat? Either way I hope the cell he’s being kept in is escape proof. Goats are notorious for being able to escape from their pens.


Wendy said...

Wow. This is a new one. How bizarre! Can you imagine if we believed like this in America? We'd have all kinds of amusing stories to discuss!

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