Friday, January 16, 2009

A time for goodbye

2918 days ago, George W. Bush became our President. Last night he addressed the nation to say goodbye. He delivered his farewell speech from the East Room of the White House, unlike President’s of the past Clinton, Reagan and Carter who spoke from the Oval Office.

I enjoyed the speech. In my opinion he showed his true character with his words. I had not thought of George W. Bush’s character before last night in much detail although I did believe strongly in his father George H.W. Bush.

He said it has been his honor to be our President for the last eight years. And he passed on his best wishes to Barack Obama who will be sworn in as our acting President in five days. He expressed his gratitude to Vice President Dick Chaney, his wife Laura Bush, his parents and the American people.

He spoke of September 11, 2001, the day our nation was changed forever by terrorists. He called the passengers on United Airlines Flight 93 heroes. Terrorists planned to use that plane to further injure the American people. The passengers on that flight became aware of the situation and mounted an assault against the hijackers causing the plane to crash not where the terrorists had planned but in a field in Pennsylvania 150 miles west of the White House. All 44 people on board, including the hijackers, were killed.

He spoke of Arlene Howard, the mother of New York officer George Howard who left the safety of his home to aid the people trapped after the collapse of the World Trade Center only to be crushed under the building as it further crumbled. Arlene gave President Bush her sons badge in his honor. He still carries it with him today.

He also spoke of 60 year old Bill Krissoff. Bill’s son Lieutenant Nathan Krissoff was killed in Iraq. He wanted to honor his son’s sacrifice for our country so he attempted to join the Navy Medical Corps. He was over the age limit but never gave up and he was eventually enlisted. He is now in Iraq aiding the men and women that are injured while fighting for us.

President Bush ended his speech with God. I love that. These days people are so scared to allow God into anything government. Separation of church and state and all that. I just think it’s a bunch of malarkey. It even says ‘In God We Trust’ on our money. I for one am pleased that he chose to ignore 'political correctness'.

His final words were “God bless this House, the next President, You and our Country”. I say Amen.


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