Sunday, December 6, 2009

Do you really mean it Google?

Every now and then I pop over to my Google account and look up what search queries bring people to my blog. Sometimes I'm surprised by what Google says. Like today.

Top 5 search queries that bring people here according to Google

1. hate kara dioguardi

Now I know I said I hated her here once, maybe twice, or um three times, but come on Google. Is this really number one???

2. somtimes love comes around

Awww, I like this one

3. but to me this is what i call life

Makes sense...

4. botie call

Um. Ok. Is this perhaps BOOTIE call? What have I written to have this make the list? Was it perhaps the one time I mentioned not being a prude?? Oh my.

5. life and death

I do write about both...

So there you have it. Did one of these search queries bring you here?


maryt/theteach said...

I never knew I could do this Kathy, I'll have to look into my Google account... :)

Dan said...

It is even more fun to look at what post those phrases led the poor seeker to. From looking at mine, I am quite sure that the seekers are often deeply disappointed at what Google dropped them into.

Jess said...

Lol, that's too funny! I do like "sometimes love comes around" though...that's a good one!

Ruth said...

I didn't know about this either, although my daughter told me about Google diagnostics, I think she called it. I will have to check it out.

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