Saturday, December 12, 2009

New look

I got to playing around last night and ended up changing my blog layout. I do this every now and then. If you've followed me for a while you already know this :)

In some cases I don't ever change my layout. For example, I really like the layout that my personal blog (Happy at Home) has. It's been that way quite a long time now and I have no plans on changing it. I like my cookbook (The Eat Food NOT Money Cookbook) layout as well but I have been searching for one with multiple pages for several months. I haven't found one yet so it will remain the same for now.

But I digress...

I've been looking for a different layout for this blog and finally found one that I like last night. How do you like it? Is it better or worse?

I took out several of my widgets. The Freebie Reporter and the Dead or Alive feeds that I had here were two of them. Should I put them back? Were they something that y'all used?

My music player is still at the bottom of this page and I still have it set to not play when you get here. I can't imagine a world without music but I know some people don't like it. If you're like me and love it, just scroll down to the bottom and hit play.

I've also added links on my sidebar to some of the other sites I visit. My personal pages and some of my favorite blogs. They are by no means all of my pages or all of the blogs that I read. That would put us three pages deep if I listed them all.

On a personal note to Doris. I read your comment you left yesterday and I think what you're talking about is the Link Within widget. That widget puts other posts of mine that are related to the current post at the end of it. Sometimes it really works and puts posts that have the same tags or same content and sometimes it's really out in left field and puts posts that I can't figure out how they are related. But I have it on all my blogs and kind of like it. It reminds me of posts that I sometimes forget I even wrote.

I guess that's about all I wanted to tell y'all. Please let me know what you think of the new look. Even if you think it's awful and I should immediately begin looking for something else! I hope everyone has a great Saturday and I should see you tomorrow!


Doris Sturm said...

I like your new look. It looks fresh and earth friendly ;-) I am always afraid to change mine too much because I have everything sort of where I want it and I'm afraid if I change things too much, I have a lot of reformatting to do, but I like changing the colors - that seems a safe thing for me to do ;-) Thanks for visiting me and leaving all those nice comments.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Ruth said...

I like it too, I like the simplicity and clean look.

I tried adding something to my html last night, and the tag I was supposed to add it to was non-existent. I decided I should just leave it alone. :)

It's fun to tweak and find the right look when you feel that urge!

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