Monday, February 2, 2009

Two disappointments in a row

I would like to tell you about my disappointments today. One was actually last night but I decided to tell you about them both this morning. I think I’ll start with today’s disappointment.

It’s Groundhog Day!

Let me just tell you I can not say those words without images of Bill Murray drifting through my head. I just loved that movie and I loved the idea behind it. Who wouldn’t want to be able to live each day over until you got it right?

Punxsutawney Phil, the seer of seers and prognosticator of prognosticators, resides in Punxsutawney Pennsylvania. Each February 2nd he leaves his hole on Gobbler’s Knob to predict our weather. If he sees his shadow and returns to his hole we can expect six more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t, an early spring. This year he saw his shadow. Get ready for the cold to continue. That’s disappointing.

My second (or first if we’re sticking to the times they occurred) disappointment was the Superbowl. It really bored me. And I was disappointed in the commercials too. I look forward to those every year. I think if you’re going to spend $3 million dollars for a 30 second commercial it should at least keep my attention. But I did enjoy a few of them… Ok, I enjoyed two of them out of I don’t know how many. So I repeat: disappointing. I'll leave you with the two I did enjoy though...

I am an animal lover and this commercial just made me giggle.

One of my favorite commercials from back in the day was the Mean Joe Green/Coke commercial. I remember it to this day. Last nights Coke commercial was a spoof of that Mean Joe Green commercial. I thought it was funny.


pammie said...

i thought the superbowl was super exciting i just hated all the bad calls! but i totally agree about the commercials...the only one i really liked was the snowglobe doritoes one...

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathy
I'm not really a football gal but I'm getting to understand and that is making it more exciting. I really did enjoy the game Kathy! I thought they played well and it was so close. So I don't know then.

I really loved Bruce Springstein!! Wasn't he something. He really looked great and was so in shape and he continues to sing so strong. So many of them just don't anymore and rightly so.

I know...I don't know about that ground hog. We want spring! EARLY...mmhmmmm..

hope you are having a good day...and feeling better..*hugs*

I'm so glad you found me too!

Judi said...

Hi Kathy
did I confuse you with coming from Wordpress? I did! *lol*.
I hit SEND and realized what I'd done..darn it.
I haven't moved back!

Kathy said...

LOL Judi I was wondering :-D

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