Monday, February 9, 2009

The cheese stands alone

Gourmets know the best cheese comes from France. Fromage. Just the word conjures up images of fancy French restaurants, delicious dishes with cheese melted over the top of them, saucy accents and beautiful women. At least it does to me.

One thing I’ve never associated with cheese though is makeup. Skin care creams. Beauty products. Beautiful women, yes; the way they got that way, never.

A Frenchwoman named Gilberte Van Erpe has done what seems like the impossible. She convinced an entire town that her cheese possessed magically qualities and would be used to create luxury shampoo and moisturizers.

She talked residents in the rural town of Cantauco in Chile into giving her almost $400 for each box of the “magic cheese” that were really only worth $4.00. One resident paid 25 million pesos ($40,779.30) for the kits believing there was going to be a high payoff in the end.

Van Erpe was arrested last year in France for a similar pyramid scheme and is now under investigation for the present scheme. French officials are in Chile interviewing victims at this time. In total Van Erpe has scammed over $38 million from trusting people. She faces 10 years in prison if convicted. I don’t think that’s nearly enough. I hope the French government can help those people get their money back. It’s a sad statement about our society in general to me; the good keep trying to trust and the bad keep taking advantage.


Aaydens Mommy said...

what a horrible story. I don't understand how some people like that can do such things. I would never want to take peoples money like that! ugh. This world gets worse and worse I tell ya.

Deb said...

You've been tagged, please visit my blog for details. Thank you!

Wendy said...

Hey maybe they could take all that salmonella peanut butter and talk people into believing it's magic facemask cream! I'm surprised they haven't tried that.

morrow said...

That is so unfair - what she did. What it also sad to me is that so many believed her.


Pretty much I think that all beauty products dont work, unless maybe they are prescribed by a dermatologist

People should always so research research research before investing in any beauty product.

Yes it is sad thought that the trusting get taken advantage of - thats not right

But I think people should put their trust into more worthwhile things and people.

justabeachkat said...

Hi Kathy

It's so sad that people are soooo desperate that they will believe almost anything!

I noticed this morning that you have signed up to "follow" my blog. How sweet! I want you to know that I really apprecite it. I hope you'll visit often (and leave comments so I'll know you've been by) are always welcome.

I've sure enjoyed my visit here to your great blog. I'm going now to visit your other blog.


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