Sunday, February 8, 2009

Caution: Thin ice

I’m moving slow this morning. I haven’t done much other than read my morning news. It was quite the night last night. I’ll write about that on my Happy At Home site though.

The story I wanted to talk about today involves ice. It’s been really warm here. As a matter of fact it’s already 62 degrees outside and it’s only 8:30 a.m. I almost forgot it was still wintertime in many places.

In Oak Harbor Ohio it’s definitely still winter. Lake Erie is frozen over in many places. People go out on that ice and fish. I personally think those people are a little crazy but whatever makes you happy.

Apparently there was a crack in the ice that fishermen had built a sort of bridge out of wooden pallets to cross. The ice shifted; the pallets fell into the water. There were a total of 135 people now trapped on the ice. Several people panicked trying to find a way back to shore, two of which fell into the freezing water. One of those men died from a heart attack after he had been pulled out of the water. 134 people were rescued.

I repeat, I think those people are a little crazy. But I guess the fishermen agree with me. One of them was quoted as saying “I thought we could get away with it for today. When you’re crazy for fishin’ I guess, and the fish are biting, I just couldn’t resist it.” Yep, crazy.

On another note the rare 1937 Bugatti that I told you about went to auction in Paris yesterday. It did indeed bring in a fortune like they thought it would. The Type 57S Atalante sold for $4.4 million. Now that’s a good day!


maryt/theteach said...

Yes, Kathy, the story has been in the news all day yesterday. It's terrible. Thanks for your entry in my Valentine's Day contest...

Anonymous said...

This little mild spot of winter we're having would not be the right time to go out on any ice. Yikes!

Judi said...

Hi Kathy
You had great weather. I wish our temps had gone up that high. Can you imagine how scarey that was to have the ice break like that? I do like ice fishing though I don't ice fish any more. I wouldn't be brave enough to stay out that long in the season under those conditions for that last fish! Yikes.

Can you even imagine having that much money for a car???

have a great day

morrow said...

I use to try to go fishing with Dad. He LOVED it - was so excited to take me - I ended up reading a book.

Dont get it - and on icefishing I get it even less.

That is so sad about the man who had a heart attack

and meaning no disrespect to him - I swear thats the way my father would like to go with the last thing he did was fishing.

♥ Kathy said...

I enjoy fishing just not enough to go out in weather that made the lake freeze over. Especially a lake that size. I WOULD be scared to death on the ice.

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