Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Because I HAVE to just move on

Since Saturday afternoon Tim and the other homeless men that are living under a bridge not far from my home have been all that's been on my mind. It's consumed my thoughts and dominated several conversations that MY Tim and I have had. I've tried to see all sides of it and give it a fair shot but I just can't come to any real conclusions. I guess my final thought is I hope Sean and his website help these men but I think they did it in the absolute worst taste they could have. End of discussion for me. I just can't think about it anymore right now. It's too much for my heart. I want to believe everything but...

That's where I'm stopping. If I continue it will make me crazy. So with that in mind, I forced myself to read about OTHER things tonight. Thankfully I found a story that made me smile and think Ok, I am right...People are good.

A California woman recently lost her job. I know how she feels. We had quite the time after Hurricane Ike and were out of jobs too. It's a terrible feeling. You horde everything you have just so you'll still have it. (That makes me think about Tim under I-10 again. So sad.) Anyway, I imagine that's what the lady was thinking when she put all her money into a bank bag and then the bag into her purse. The bag contained $4,000 in cash and more than $20,000 in checks. It fell out of her purse in a Kmart parking lot.

You know she had to be panicking. I would be panicking for sure. Lucky for her a good Samaritan was the one that found the bag. He turned it in to police, they tracked her down and returned her money.

First bravo to the man that found a bag full of money in a parking lot and turned it in instead of taking it for himself like it would have been very easy for him to do. Second I am so relieved for the lady. It really makes me happy that she got her money back. Her life would have gone in a bad direction if it hadn't been returned to her no doubt. (And that yet again makes me think of Tim.)

So now that I have a good story in my mind (plus some thoughts that I WILL deal with in my own time) and a happy feeling in my heart I think I can finish my evening. I hope everyone has a good evening.


Neen said...

Oh, Dearest Kathy, my sister of the clouds, too much in the world can make us crazy. We're often powerless to change the things we would like to.
You're so tenderhearted and I've come to think so much of you.

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