Friday, February 6, 2009

The more I see, the more I love Barack Obama

So yesterday I spent a lot of time online. I know. What else is new? I have so many different sites online that I forget about them. Like Twitter. I’ll go weeks in between posting something on Twitter. Sometimes I just post nonsense; sometimes I post things that are important to me.

I actually remembered my Twitter because Barack Obama started following me. I’ll wait a minute while you either start breathing or quit laughing…

Now I don’t know if it’s really our President sending out ‘What are you doing?’ messages but it is someone affiliated with the government. I can tell because of three things. 1. They have 241,290 followers. 2. The updates are all government related. And 3. They follow everyone that follows them including tons of other government agencies.

I found Obama through the FDA twitter page. I follow them for what should be obvious reasons (if it’s not just read yesterday’s post).

So I posted my Twitter message for this morning: Getting ready to write…as usual :) and then I went to read my morning news as usual. I know, I know; that isn’t what I said I was doing in my message but I would be writing soon and probably about one of the news stories I came across so really I was getting ready to write.

That’s when I saw the story on Obama. It said he was fired up. It said he ditched the teleprompter and basically went off on people. My first thought was Yes! Finally! A man that will fight for us!

I saw there were some videos next to the article but I finished reading first. The story gave me hope. Hope for our country. Hope for our future. Obama was quoted as saying “We’ve inherited a mess. It’s our job to clean it up.” I believe he can do it too. Every day that passes; every speech I hear; every story I read shows me that he can do it.

Then I watched the video. It gave me goose bumps. It really did. Obama is just so inspiring. And he’s real. He doesn’t try to act like a politician. He doesn’t try to be anything that he’s not. I’m just so impressed with that.

I’m not real sure if I have a point today. I think I just wanted to brag on our new President a little. I’m proud of him. I want to grab everyone I see and say “Don’t you just love Barack Obama?!” I know not everyone I grabbed would agree with me but I bet many of them would.


maryt/theteach said...

I love him, too! Thanks for the video! I think he's a real person! :)

pammie said...

YES HE CAN!!!!!!!

Sometimes Sophia said...

I just hope he's really strong enough to take on the fat cat Capitol Hill gang. His work is cut out for him. What a fantastic figure for our times. As much as Bush was deemed a loser in the end, I hope Obama emerges as our first 21st century national hero.

morrow said...

I love him too. He is longer overdue. We have needed someone like him for awhile.

I hope he shames all those corrupt politicians.

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