Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One Life To Live patriarch passes away at 83

For as long as I can remember watching TV I can remember Asa Buchanan on One Life To Live.

The often onery, say-what-he-thinks-no-matter-what and sometimes downright mean character was portrayed by actor Philip Carey on and off from 1979 until December of 2008.

Asa was married an astounding 14 times. He was kidnapped, killed off, resurrected, faked his own death, eventually killed again and returned to Llanview as a ghost. He was the classic soap opera character.

The man behind the character lost his real life battle with cancer on Saturday. He was 83.

I don't pay much attention to soap opera's anymore. I could turn one on anytime I'd like and probably know what was happening. I just haven't had that urge lately. But I will admit that at one point in my life I never missed one showing of One Life To Live and Asa was always my favorite bad guy.


maryt/theteach said...

Kathy, I remember Asa Buchanan. But haven't watched him or the other characters in soap operas for some time.

Happy Valentine's Day! :)

maryt/theteach said...

BTW Thanks for your comment at Ruby Tuesday! :)

pammie said...

awwwww poor Asa! i guess this time he wont be resurrected!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't watch them anymore either but I sure remember him from when I did!

Dan said...

Never watched, probably never will. But my late Grandmother was fully addicted. I suspect the art of being a soap opera addict is slowly dying.

In any case, I recognize the face from all of Grandma's Soap Opera Digests.

maryt/theteach said...

Kathy, You've won THIRD PLACE in my Valentine's Day Love Contest! Send me your snail mail address in e-mail and I'll send you your award! Happy Valentine's Day! :)

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