Saturday, October 16, 2010

Told ya'

Yes, I did. 

I told you that changes were coming and now they're here! What do you think? I like it! The only thing I don't like is that I've lost all your wonderful comments since I changed back to the Blogger comment form from the Intense Debate comment form. But...C'est la vie...Such is life. It will be ok.

I also told you that I planned on catching up on my shows and then telling you what I think. Thank goodness for DVR's otherwise I would have missed out on some good stuff!

Survivor: Nicaragua  
The 21st Season of Survivor's logoImage via Wikipedia

I was really sad to see Jimmy Johnson voted off the show. I think they really messed up with that one. He's a great leader and could have taken them far. Now that the tribes have been mixed up and they are no longer the older tribe vs. the younger tribe, it's kind of a moot point but I still think he could have been a huge asset. 

I was happy to see Jimmy T. leave though. Not that I think he's a horrible person but I just couldn't stand any more of his whining to be the leader. It was really annoying. If you want to be a leader then lead. Nike™ said it best, Just Do It.

My favorite player (for now) is Marty. I think he's really playing. He's causing things to happen and change without being noticed as the person that's causing it.

Photo courtesy CBS

My least favorite player is NaOnka. I just can. not. stand. her. She's rude. She's hateful. She's no help at all. I wish she would get voted out. Now.

Hell's Kitchen

I'm really disappointed in this season's contestants. I'm not even sure if I could pick someone that I think could run a kitchen. I was happy to see all of the contestants leave that have left up until now except for Boris. I liked him. I don't think he could have run the Araxi Restaurant but he tried to do his best. 

If I was forced to pick a favorite, it would be Jillian. I can easily pick a least favorite: Sabrina. She can't cook the simplest dishes without having to ask how to do it but continuously praises herself on being a great chef. I just don't see it.

The last episode gave us former winners Rock, Christina, Danny & Holly at the chef's tables which was fun. I liked seeing them again. (I can't believe Danny cut all of his hair off!!) It also left us with a cliffhanger which sucked. We won't get to see what happened until November  10th. Grr.

Well guys, I hope you have a wonderful Saturday! I'll be seeing you soon.

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