Saturday, October 23, 2010

Eccentric, Weird or Just plain crazy?

Randy and Evi Quaid

What is the deal with Randy & Evi Quaid? Seriously. Are they trying to get attention or have they both lost their minds?

Every time I see them in the news, they've been arrested for something more insane than the time before. They skipped out on a $10,000 hotel bill in California then ran off to Texas to escape (and missed their court dates in the process) only to be arrested in the Lone Star State. Then they illegally lived in the guest house of a former home they owned and got busted for that. (And who thinks they own a house that they don't own? Really, who??)

Now they missed THAT court date too and are reported to be in Canada. They have until October 26th to turn themselves in to authorities. As of now, $50,000 warrants have been issued for their arrest.

I just don't get it. Randy Quaid was a very talented actor. He was in some very popular movies. Why don't they have the money to pay for a place to live? Is all their odd behavior just a way to get attention? I just don't get them. What do you think?

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william said...

lol eccentrics xx

maryt/theteach said...

Dennis must be awful embarrassed about this, eh, Kathy? :(

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