Monday, October 4, 2010

Bottoms up

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So a commercial was on for Oreo Double Stuf Heads or Tails Cookies® and the following conversation ensued:

Tim: But which is the heads and which is the tails? The chocolate or vanilla?

Me, after thinking a few minutes: It'd have to be the vanilla on the bottom for me...

Tim: Why?

Me: Because the chocolate is brown...

Tim: Um, ok, why does that matter?

Me: Because chocolate is brown and dirt is brown and that would mean that the bottom is brown so um, the bottom is dirty you know? 

Tim, smiling because he does know: Well what does that matter? The bottom of a lot of stuff is dirty...

Me: NOOOO, dirty....dirty bottom...a dirty bottom...bottom like butt...

Tim, laughing: So they didn't wipe good?

Me: No. And they're doubled stuffed so there's a lot of....dirty....

Tim: Ok, then chocolate is heads.

Me: Yep.

What can I say? We're easily entertained. 

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