Thursday, October 21, 2010

Odds & ends

Several news stories caught my eye this afternoon so I decided to just tell you about all of them.

A cat in Reno, Nevada has been deemed the World's Longest Cat by Guinness. From the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail bone, he measured 48 1/2". That's just a little over 4 feet. That's just a little over 1 foot shorter than me. Like I didn't feel short already. Now there's a cat almost as tall as me. 

5-year old Stewie (photo courtesy Yahoo News)

Toyota is recalling 1.53 million more cars bringing the recall total to over 10 million cars over the past year. Included in the recall are the Lexus & Avalon models as well as others. This recall is for brake fluid and fuel pump problems. It makes me wonder how long Toyota will be able to claim to be the world's #1 automaker.

Wanna find out where all the bedbugs are? Well now your iPhone can tell you. A New York developer created an app that allows users to go online and see a map of the bedbug infestation in 10 major cities. It will also let them report their own findings of bedbugs. Personally I would use it to tell someone that I didn't have to worry abut the bedbugs biting me because they aren't close to me. I'm a smartass though.

Survivor: Nicaragua was pretty good last night. (What I saw of it around a 17-month old that is.) Both teams went to tribal council and voted someone out after playing for two separate individual immunities.

Holly won individual immunity from Espada and Jill won it from La Flor. The two winners played against each other for a feast that Jill won. La Flor ate their winnings while watching the Espada tribe talk about how their game is going. I would have trouble eating in front of people that I knew didn't have food, especially when a few of them were former tribe mates.

Some highlights:

Dan said he wanted to quit and then when they got to tribal council he said, nope, not me, I don't want to quit.

I thought that Marty was going to use his hidden immunity idol but he held onto it and managed to not get voted out. He only has one more opportunity to use it before it's useless.

La Flor voted out Kelly B. and Espada voted out Yve.

Brenda is starting to get on my nerves. Not as much as NaOnka does but she's getting there. I was relieved to read that I am NOT the only one that hates NaOnka. E! Online had an article that included her this morning...

Survivor: Nicaragua's NaOnka Mixon: In a season full of unsavory characters, Nay is the nastiest. "Hopefully I'll push you so hard that damn leg will fly off," she crowed after shoving tribemate Kelly, an amputee, to the ground. Then to make sure we got the message that she meant business, she threatened to throw Kelly's prosthesis in the campfire. As for the socks NaOnka stole from her other tribemate—screaming at him before the bewildered barefooter could even complain—they're still keeping her own feet warm.

Nay is the nastiest. Yep, I totally agree.

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