Tuesday, October 19, 2010


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The other day when I was catching up on my shows, I neglected to talk about The Amazing Race so I'm going to do that today. It's gonna be short but sweet though. 

We (my husband and I..yep, I've converted him to an A.R. fan!) totally like the Father & Son team Michael & Kevin and the Father & Daughter team Gary & Mallory. We hope they go far.

We don't so much like Nick & Vickie. Well, we like Vickie but Nick is so mean to her when they are messing up. He shouldn't be that way. He's doing a little better now but he was just plain cruel before. I hope he keeps being nice.

The last team to be eliminated was Connor & Jonathon. The acapella singing team missed their college graduation to participate in the race and then were eliminated on their graduation day. That sucks. I wonder if they regret going now?

I know I would.

Told ya' it'd be short but sweet :) Have a great Tuesday everyone!

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william said...

cool, sounds great xxx

maryt/theteach said...

Kathy, I haven't been watching. Thanks for catching me up! :)

Ruth said...

I've never seen it. It must be good!

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