Saturday, April 24, 2010

Face On

You've seen the movie Face-Off right? I always had trouble believing in that movie. If they only switched faces then Nicholas Cage should have had John Travolta's body and vica versa correct? Anyway, I digress.

A Spanish farmer accidentally shot himself in the face five years ago and has undergone nine surgeries but still had to breathe with a ventilator and eat through a feeding tube. Basically his whole face was gone from the eye sockets down. He could still see but the rest of his face was blown off in the accident. 

Today 30 doctors in Madrid made history during a 24-hour surgery in which they gave him an entirely new face. 
During the 24-hour surgery, doctors lifted an entire face, including jaw, nose, cheekbones, muscles, teeth and eyelids, and placed it masklike onto the man, Dr. Joan Pere Barret told The Associated Press on Friday.
That is totally amazing to me! They say he should be able to eat and breathe on his own in about a week. The only danger is his body rejecting the new face. I hope that doesn't happen and he gets to have a normal life again.

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