Monday, April 5, 2010

Copenhagen has fun for April Fool's Day

Most of you know that I do not enjoy April Fool's Day and that I hide out on that day because people like to play pranks on me. It never works. I always get pranked anyway. Boo.

I do have a sense of humor though and sometimes even find April Fool's Day jokes funny. As long as I'm not the butt of the joke that is.

I was reading through my odd news and found this story about Copenhagen and the government playing a practical joke on everyone. It is pretty funny...

There has been a statue of a mermaid in the harbor there for almost a century. They call it their Little Mermaid and it was sculpted in 1913 by Edvard Eriksen. She is one of Denmark's main tourist attractions and is considered a national treasure. Here's what she normally looks like:

Photo courtesy Google

She has been sent away for the first time since being placed there to be the "centerpiece of the Danish pavilion at the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai until October 31". I think that's neat.

Here's where the joke comes in...

The government replaced her with a skeleton. No kidding! See...

Photo courtesy Yahoo News

The mermaid skeleton sat in the Little Mermaid's spot for two hours on April 1st, delighting tourists with a statement that claimed "the Little Mermaid "had returned". The statement also said that "it was the only remaining complete skeleton of a "Hydronymphus pesci", a species said to be extinct since the end of the 17th century."

I think that's too funny!

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william said...

brilliant, thanks for sharing never knew that xxx

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