Thursday, April 1, 2010

Doris needs our vote!

I'm writing today to ask you to please take a moment and do me a favor that I really, really, really want! 

My dear friend Doris @ Crocheting in Georgia has entered her Etsy Hookers Crochet team's challenge with an Irish theme. Voting started yesterday and will continue through Thursday, April 8th at noon. Here is her beautiful Irish bathroom tissue doll called "When Irish Eyes are Smiling"...


Please help her out (and make me very happy) by clicking here to vote for her entry "When Irish Eyes are Smiling"! Thank you!

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Doris Sturm said...

Thank you so much Kathy, you are very kind for helping me. After tomorrow morning I won't have access to a computer till I return on Sunday and then I have to rush around to serve dinner for friends at 2 pm, meaning there will no computing or blogging happening till late Sunday night or even Monday morning, depending on how tired I am. I've not been camping for - I can't even remember - ok, before my bilateral hip replacements - if that means anything. I've got 3 comforters, a blanket and I'm bringing allllll my pillows and if that doesn't work, I'm sleeping in the car.
Thanks again for helping out. You are a very nice friend and I'm glad to know you.
Happy Easter to you and yours :-)

maryt/theteach said...

Okay, Kathy, here I go over to vote for Doris... Thanks for commenting at "Yard Art." :)

william said...

Voted for our Doris and what a beautiful creation, well done Doris hope u win xxx

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