Saturday, February 20, 2010

Surviving no cable

Late last night I suddenly thought "OMG it's Friday!". Ugh. I need a reminder. 

Don't understand why I need a reminder? Because it being Friday meant that I could watch the Survivor online that came on Thursday on TV. I'm not liking having no TV. 

No biggie though. I did remember. I did watch it. And I wasn't disappointed. Here are my highlights:

  • Boston Rob became so sick from being a nice guy that he actually passed out in the woods. Medical came in and revived him. He cried and looked really bad but later he said he just had a "small case of babyitis" and laughed over it. I laughed too. That was a great line.

  •  JT tried like crazy to help the Heroes tribe win the challenge that he played on his previous season of Survivor but no one would listen to him. He said later at Tribal Council that maybe he should have acted like a villain and screamed at everyone. Maybe he should have.

  • James did yell at everyone. And cussed everyone. And then acted like a big ole bully. I kind of liked it...
  • My favorite villain Russell really impressed me during the challenge with his strength. He's still my top pick of favorite player.
  • The villains got to take a tarp and some nails back to camp and didn't have to go to Tribal Council because of their win. Maybe now they'll get out of the rain.
And finally...

  • My LEAST favorite player, Stephanie, got sent packing. Awesome! Next on my hit list? Tom. I liked him on his season but this season he's acting like he's better than everyone else. At least he is to me. Plus he's already won his million dollars. He should be ok.
Are you a Survivor fan? Who are your favorite players on Heroes Vs. Villains? Let me know! Oh, and if you missed the last show, sorry for ruining it for you. You can watch it here. Have a great Saturday everyone! See you tomorrow.

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Dan said...

Yet another show I have never seen. If it isn't football or some baseball, or maybe a movie with no adds, I'm probably not going to see it. I guess it'd help if I decided to get cable (I decided to drop TV a couple of years ago and haven't regretted it.)

Glad you like it.

William Manson © 2010 said...

lol never seen it babe, but thanks for telling us anyway xx

pammie said...

yep i was super glad to see steph go!! im hoping tom is next high and better watch her butt too! i still love JT! and JAMES!

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