Sunday, February 28, 2010

No matter what

I came across this picture of Johnny Depp on People this morning...
All I have to say is this: no matter what you do to try to look crazy, you'll always be gorgeous to me ♥ LOL sorry, I'm in a weird mood today :D Have a great one everyone!

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shakira choong said...

I love Johnny too.

Darling, I am doing a tribute for William,
for his 6oth birthday,
come and greet him?


pammie said...

johnny depp is fantastic!

CelticDragonfly said...

MMMM yummy Johnny Depp...Don't you think he would make a Hot Sexy Vampire? I sure do

William Manson © 2010 said...

Johnny Depp is a fabulous actor, liked all his films, fav was secret window xx

Discover USA said...

I agree with you kathy!! cool pix huh!

Maria Berg said...

I like him to, I saw Charlie and the chocolate factory only a few day ago with him, MB

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