Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm ranting today but I end well

Excuse me while I rant a moment please.

Dear William Dunigan,

Please go away. I do not wish to promote your books. You say Jesus leads you. I don't think He wants you to spam people's blogs. If you want to promote yourself, do it on your own blog. This is my blog and I get to choose what is or is not promoted. I choose to NOT promote you or your books. As a matter of fact, I refuse to even link to your blog during this rant. You start your spiel with "ARE YOU A HIGHLY EDUCATED PERSON?" and then continue on with why Jesus wants me to buy your books. Well, I'm sorry but I just don't believe Jesus is too worried about whether or not I buy your books. Stop leaving your comments here. They will be deleted. Thank you.

Aaaah, ok, I feel better now :)

Now on to the "ending well" part of my post. Like I told Mr. Dunigan above, this is my blog and I get to decide what and who I'd like to promote. And what I'd like to promote today is ME and TWO DEAR BLOGLAND FRIENDS :D

I was very blessed to receive two awards yesterday! My friend William from Williams Poetry Blog and my friend Susan from A Southern Daydreamer both gave me awards! You can click here to see my awards and read all about them. You can also click on the names of their blogs to visit them. I think you'll really like both of them. They are awesome people ♥

Now for promoting myself. I have a Fan Page on Facebook for my cookbook. I'd love it if you became my fan! Click here to go to my FB Fan Page.

See? I told you I'd end well! Have a great day everyone and I'll see you tomorrow.

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William Manson © 2010 said...

There is nothing worse than someone preaching to you, grr, well said Kath, and I am so proud u got the special award, u deserved it, and thanks for the kind words xxx

Coco said...

Now Kathy you know we ALL love spam. Not. Congrats on the awards.

Dan said...

Remember - SPAM is the food that fuels the internet - NOT.

It is even more amazing how stupid most SPAM assumes the reader really is.

Congrats on the awards!

maryt/theteach said...

Went over to your cook book page and commented there, Kathy. Great cook book! :)

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