Friday, February 19, 2010

Sheriff's department...can I help you?

Yesterday morning somebody kept trying to send me a fax. On my home phone. After about 10 tries they called me. When I answered the phone they said they must have the wrong number. Then my phone rang again. This is how this conversation went:

Me: Hello?

Man: Yes, is this 770-###-####

Me: Um, yes

Man: Is this a new phone number for you?

Me, a little suspicious: Uh, yeah

Man: Well this is Bob So-and-so with the Barrow County Sheriff's Department and I think you've been getting our calls.

Me, continuing with my unintelligence because I was caught off-guard: Uh, maybe, who is this?

Man: Bob with Barrow County Sheriff's Department.

Me: Um, ok, yeah, I've been getting what sounds like fax calls this morning.

Man: Yes, Windstream gave you a government number that wasn't supposed to be released and our calls are being routed to your phone.

Me: Oh wow.
(I know he was thinking who the hell is this goober?)

Man: So I'm contacting Windstream and having this taken care of immediately.

Me: Um, thanks.

Man: Hopefully they won't give you a Walmart number this time...

Me, laughing like a maniac but feeling not-so-off-guard now: Yeah, that would be good! Thanks for your help.

Man: You're Welcome. Have a great day.

Me: Thanks. You too. Bye.

Man: Bye bye now.

I hang up and the phone immediately begins to ring again.

Me: Hello?

Lady: Hi, this is Sherry with the Juvenile Court and my records show....Oh wait, your the 770-###-#### lady aren't you?

Me: Yep

Lady: Sorry. Have a good day.



Me: *sighs*

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William Manson © 2010 said...

lol we get that all the time, very7 good Kath when I lived in Edinburgh I used to get calls from people thinking I was a garage, lol I used to say yeah off course bring your car in anytime lol

Mama B said...

Too Funny!

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Oh I love it - how funny!!!!! I once had my number published in place of PIZZA HUT!!!!! Can you imagine? No, I can't deliver a pepperoni and sausage to your door. K Thanks.


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