Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spellcheck, please

I'm a big nerd and I'm the first one to tell you about it. I am a word nerd. I have the worst time reading things that are full of misspelled and misused words. I can admit I have a problem. I just can't help it.

I'm not just picking on bloggers here. I've found typos, misspelled words and misused words on sites like Yahoo News & CBS too. Tim always laughs at me when I point them out (usually with a shout of "Don't they have editors?!?!?!?!?") but it's something that REALLY bothers me.

Now before you start thinking that I'm being conceited or that I think I never make mistakes, let me tell you how I HAVE made mistakes. I've been so tired when I've written a post that I used OUR for ARE. I misspell words. I even misspelled y'all for years and years (I always put the apostrophe in the wrong place: ya'll. And I'm not exaggerating: YEARS.) 


I read and reread my posts to look for mistakes like the our/are switcheroo. I use spellcheck both as a feature of my browser (Firefox underlines words that are misspelled) and on my new post editor. That's here:

(By the way, Firefox says that both switcheroo and spellcheck are misspelled. That makes me crazy.)

Want to know the reason behind this rant today? Because there was a typo in a story I read on ABC this morning. It was a there/they're/their typo. I had one of my freak out moments. I'm better now that I've written this. Sometimes you just need to vent you know.

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