Friday, November 13, 2009

Now that's the pits

You may remember a while back I wrote a story about a Bugatti that was locked away for years until it's owner passed away and it was discovered by family members. I believe I told you that I really liked that car. They are, after all, $1.25 million cars. That's quite a chunk of change if you ask me.

Now imagine owning one of those very expensive vehicles and then having it end up in the ocean. I think I would die. The worst part of it is that the accident was the drivers fault. He blames a pelican for the mishap but in reality it was because he took his eyes off the road.

I was shocked when I came across the story this morning while reading the news. Flabbergasted really. I literally think I would die if I wrecked a car worth that much money. I suppose if I could afford a car worth that much money then I could afford to wreck it but the fact that it was wrecked because a low flying pelican scared me into dropping my cell phone (which shouldn't be in use while driving) and then I leaned down to pick up that phone, taking my eyes off the road mind you, would be enough humiliation to cause my death. If you ask me the man was just foolish. He wasn't foolish enough to be identified in the story though. At least he had that much sense.


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