Monday, August 29, 2016

I'll be in my pillow fort coloring if you need me

So, let me tell you about my morning so far....
I don't know what time my granddaughter Helen got here but I know that I had only been asleep since 4ish so it couldn't have been more than three hours since I closed my eyes. She refused to let me sleep....smooth insisted that I watch Winnie the Pooh with her. So after a couple cups of coffee, I got up and started working on stuff for today. Monday's are my Family Day when all the kids & grandkids come eat a big supper & hang out with me. 
I baked a pie shell.....and dropped it. Was going to the store to get another one & my weirdo neighbor was standing near my driveway staring at me. He really sends the weirdest vibes. He stares at you like the kids in Children of the Corn looked at the intruder adults. Any way, that's a whole different story. I watched him watch me through my rear view mirror as I pulled away. 
Totally creeped out, I continued on to the store. Then I nearly got run off the road by some idiot who thought they had to drive 50 m.p.h. down Main Street. I got their tag number as they flew past the work truck in front of me. Mind you, this is a two lane street. 

So I made a side trip over to the Police Station. Yep, I'm a tattle tale. You're not going to endanger any of my grandchildren that way and not get in trouble for it. 

I finally make it to the store, get my pie shell, and make it back home. I'm making the filling for the the pie shell....and it crumbles into a million pieces. Ok, maybe not a million but it did crumble. A lot. 

I gave up. I'm done for the day. I'm going to watch cartoons and eat candy. 

(Note: I didn't completely give up. I did fix the shell and get the pie made.)

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