Monday, December 6, 2010

People are crazy

Saturday our town had their annual Christmas parade. The parade was scheduled to start at 4:00 so we got out there about 2:00. You might think we were the crazy ones for going so early, but by the time 4:00 came around, we were completely blocked in.

About an hour into our wait, people were really getting weird. We saw several almost wrecks and tempers were flaring. Fists were popping out of windows and curse words were in the air. There's nothing like a parade to whip people into a frenzy!

Sitting in our nice, safe spot just off the road, we watched as people tried to jump into traffic after cutting through the parking lot we were in.

Suddenly, a little black...something (I think it was a Neon) came speeding through the lot and bolted into traffic almost hitting a bus that slammed on his brakes to avoid the accident. Tires were squealing, horns were honking and people were screaming. I held my breath.

There was a very heated exchange between the bus driver & the car driver. I could see a fist shaking in the wide front window of the bus, threatening to punch the driver of the car. A head popped out of the window of the car and he began screaming such nice things as "Bring your ass on out of there and I'll show you!" and "Stupid, crazy, mother f****r". I think my jaw was on my chest. If any flies had been buzzing around in the 30° air, they would have had a nice, warm place to land.

Then it was all over. The cars tires peeled out and he was in front of the bus, speeding down the road. The bus started moving again. That's when I saw the back of the bus. And I practically died laughing. I jumped out of my car and snapped a picture for you:

I tried to zoom in for you but all it did was make it blurry....Maybe you can still read it...

Not only were they "insain", they were bad spellers too.

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Insainity is a lesser known form of old age insanity. {*grin*}

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