Thursday, August 27, 2009

Captain Trips....could it be real?

Some of you may be aware of my major love for Stephen King. Some of you may not. That's kind of beside the point. Kind of...

If you've never read Stephen King's work, first of all shame on you! You're missing out on some really good stories. Second, you have no idea what Captain Trips is. If you have read his work then you know that he's used the idea of Captain Trips in several of his stories.

Basically it's an incredibly bad flu that wipes out the entire world...

I was browsing through my news stories this morning and came across an article from Tokyo. They are suffering through a pandemic flu called H1N1 that has killed 3 people so far. They have even stopped shaking hands on the campaign trail and said that they won't allow people close enough to the podium to get "spittle" on them during their speeches. They expect it to spread further during the autumn weather.

The idea of a flu wiping out tons of people has been in my mind for many years; mostly because of Stephen King. It scares me. It scares me badly. One of the campaigners said she was carrying disinfectant to her rallies. I think I would just skip being in public all together.


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