Thursday, September 1, 2016

Sometimes there's more crazy than adventure to my life

Been thinking a lot lately about my life & how I want it to be. I'm definitely NOT where I want to be but I'm closer now than I used to be.

There are a few things keeping me from living the life I want to live. I say, let's take full advantage of my over-analytical brain and explore these things.

Well....first I'd probably be a smartass and say that I can't live the life I want because I'm not a millionaire. There's no money hidden in my mattress or buried in my backyard. There's no super rich relative just itching to give me all their money. But that's just me being silly. Money has very little to do with happiness.

Yes, some money is needed to be happy. You need a place to live, food, clothes & electricity is nice too. Companies/landlords/etc. tend to not just give you free stuff though so, yes, some money is needed.

But millions? It'd be awesome but it's unnecessary. Besides that, I am a realist and know that I'll never have millions any way so why put that kind of pressure on myself?

So need #1 is enough money to get by on a daily basis. Well, I've got that now. But....(you knew there was a 'but', didn't you?) physically I just can't keep doing the kind of work I do now (and have done for the past 35 years). That means search for something physically easier on me. An office job maybe. The future will tell that one.

The second thing I need to live the life I want to live is true friendship. That one is way harder to come by than money. Money is easy compared to finding good people who are true in who and what they are. I see deeply into people. I know exactly who is on my side and who can't wait to stab me in the back. I was really doing well in this area. Had a whole gang of people who I believed truly loved me. Then they started dying. Over the past 10 years so many of my cheerleaders have left me. I feel like I'm standing all alone on a sandbar in the middle of the ocean and there's no boat in sight.

I don't include my children in that group. They will always be by my side in one way or another. That's not a worry of mine. But a person needs other people that are like them. People they can trust. People they can say anything to and know they won't be judged or hated. People that they can act totally stupid around. Be completely wrong around and those people will still love them. They may call you out on it later, but they know you well enough to know that you just have to get it out of your brain before your head explodes. Those are the people that make me happy. I need those kind of people in my life & they just keep leaving me here.

Some days I just want to go be with them. Just forget everything & go. Be done. Then other days I never want to go. I want to be 500 years old and still going strong. Silly, aren't I?

I miss my friends though. Every single day.

Ahem, sorry, back to the subject at hand....

So money & friends. What else is there brain? A good location would be nice. Somewhere near a beach. I love the ocean.

And love. Love would be really nice. Just to know there is one person that you mean everything to and that wouldn't want to live without you. I say love....maybe companionship would be a better way to say, scratch that, love is the perfect way to say it. Because I miss it. I miss having someone to talk to, to cuddle with and watch movies, to sit at the table and eat good food with.....

Sigh. I think I'd better shut my brain down now. It's tired, if you couldn't tell. And if I don't I may ramble on for two or three pages and never really say any thing. Y'all take care & I'll be seeing you soon.

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Tammy Steeley said...

I fully understand where you're coming from.Some people are just occupants in your head. Not really filling the void!.
Love you

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